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What Is The Hate On Post Grunge Music?

What Is The Hate On Post Grunge Music?

Rock fans of the 90s will always remember the “grunge” movement as a great
time for music. These fans were so sick of those 80s hair metal bands, and when
grunge bands started to break through, they were so happy because this was real
authentic rock music where these singers wore their hearts on their sleeve. Things were
taken too much to an extreme that caused many negative things to happen. Due to this, rock
fans didn’t want to hear such negative music because it just made them more depressed. This
caused a new generations of bands to usher in which people called “post grunge.” Post
Grunge was music with traits of grunge music like raspy vocals and lyrics with pain and
mainstreamed it with a more polished sound. This type of music got a negative response with
some bands who were looked at as grunge rip-offs and not good music. While this can be
argued as a true statement, not all bands/artists were like that. There were some bands that
were more original and produced more quality music. We will discuss that although there were
some parts of post grunge that can be argued as “Not quality music,” it doesn’t mean all of the
artists/bands were grunge rip-offs and/or bad music.

There were a good amount of bands in which people argued were not original at all
including Creed and Nickelback who are two of the most hated post grunge bands, but as said
there were a good amount also were more original. Even with Post Grunge, time moved on
eventually and rock music evolved into other sub-genres, but bands like Creed and Nickelback
were always hated by a lot of fans and critics. What critics and fans look past though, is that
not all Post Grunge bands were like this. One example is the band, Stone Temple Pilots.
Stone Temple Pilots first album “Core” was looked at as a huge ripoff of Grunge legends Pearl
Jam and they did get a lot of hate for that. However, that was their only album like that. After
“Core,” the albums did not sound like Grunge or Pearl Jam at all. The next album “Purple”
which was a huge success for the band and was just timeless rock music which spawned big hits like “Vasoline,” “Big Empty,” and “Interstate Love Song.” There were many bands like the
Stone Temple Pilots that had music in which fans and critics considered rip-offs at first, but
then just produced just good timeless rock music. Some examples are the Foo Fighters,
Collective Soul, Tonic, and Bush. It would just be unfair to call these Post Grunge bands as
rip-offs as they abandoned that sound and went on to become timeless popular rock bands
who are even still popular today.

Like how post grunge bands got hated by fans and critics for being unoriginal, they also
got hated by fans and critics who claimed their music was just not good. As the style of
popular music was changing into softer music with more melody, the big grunge music fans
got angered by it because they claimed it wasn’t “authentic” enough. They just didn’t think this
softer music was good enough, and definitely not “rock” music. Let’s take a look at one post
grunge band, to better understand this change of music. Let’s look at Lifehouse, who released
their first album, “No Name Face,” in 2000. Some may not even look at Lifehouse as a post
grunge band, since their latest albums are more like pop/rock, but they are considered a post
grunge band by many people, especially for that first album. That first album had a good
amount of similarities to grunge music including the sensitive music where the singer wore his
heart on his sleeve and had those rocking songs like “Hanging By A Moment” and
“Quasimodo.” As said before though, these songs had more melody which replaced the huge
guitar solos in grunge music. They also had a good amount of ballads like the song
“Breathing,” and they did even more on their later albums. A band like Lifehouse was
considered a post grunge band because they were influenced by grunge like Pearl Jam and
Nirvana, so it was a different generation. These grunge fans were just not happy because it
wasn’t close to a lot of the rock music from the grunge bands in terms of how much of rock
music it was since there were no screaming vocals and huge guitar solos. This doesn’t mean it
wasn’t good music though as many music fans did like this type of music, including some of
those grunge fans. It was a new generation of rock music as said above, but many would
argue it is creative music. Although Lifehouse was post grunge, they were one of the softer post grunge bands, there were more rocking post grunge bands such as Collective Soul, LIVE,
and Our Lady Peace.

Like a lot of generations of music that came after such huge movements like grunge, it
got a lot of hate, so a lot of people were just not happy it didn’t sound like those big grunge
bands that didn’t exist anymore. It should be evident thought that it is original music and
quality music. As said before, there were the bands like Creed and Nickelback where people
claimed they were just imitating the grunge bands with raspy vocals while making it more pop
music, but it really was a whole new generation of original music. The same thing goes for how
it is good music. If you look at it, there really were a lot of huge bands part of the new
generation that were good and original apart from the bands mentioned in this article like
Lifehouse and Stone Temple Pilots. Think about Foo Fighters, Bush, Candlebox, 3 Doors
Down, Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls, Shinedown, and much more. These bands are even
still popular today and it doesn’t seem that a lot of them will be stopping anytime soon. It
should be evident that post grunge music is quality and original music after looking at it in
more detail with bands that gave it a bad reputation and the underrated bands that didn’t get a
lot of the credit they deserved.