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I am often complimented and asked for advice about fashion choices but I am by far not a stylist or fashionista. But a Men’s Necklace is now associated with a Men’s Choker? This needs to be addressed. If this is not allowed many men may run into their next business meeting and lose a potential multi-million
dollar deal. Or maybe even help him close it!

Asos recently released Men’s Chokers to keep up with an emerging new fashion trend. Many blogs and experts have spoken out in which has become an intense back and forth. So is it allowed? Let’s see what the public is saying:

Males Perspective

“But at no point in the last 20 years has the choker ever looked good on a guy (our one hall pass goes to early punk rockers who wore leather bands with spikes on them: You do you). Even if Kanye West ever wore what is essentially a tight fabric necklace, we’d have to call bullshit on even the great style god that is Yeezus.”

Female Perspective 

“Just to be clear, if you tell men what trends, fads, or accessories are or aren’t for them, that’s a pretty retrograde form of gender policing.”

“Aesthetically speaking, the uproar over men’s chokers “looking bad” is a bit confusing when you consider that things like velour tracksuits have made a comeback without getting the same ultra-hostile reaction.”

My Perspective

Some things aren’t forever. Yes, trends may go away and come back but this doesn’t seem logical. There are very few places this would be allowed. Either very eclectic settings or in a nightclub. Hence the reason all of the references are entertainers. My advice, don’t even think about walking into any business meetings with a Men’s Choker. Use your own discretion about the nightclub. Actually, start off by asking the girl next to you.


Clearly more people agree with the trend if a major corporation manufactures and stocks a product that is this controversial. Is it mind control? Is it propaganda? I don’t certainly know but it sure looks like it. However, I look forward to Asos cashing in on this new scheme because I applaud risk takers. Well done!

Keep “Chasing The Bag”…