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The Unbreakable Record Has Just Been Broken

The Unbreakable Record Has Just Been Broken

The legend Oscar Robertson has just been dethroned. Russell Westbrook also known as Westwolf achieved his 42nd triple double this season a few minutes ago against the Denver Nuggets. Robertson held this record for over 55 years.

Not only did he beat the record but he put up a 50 piece with a 3 point buzzer beater. With the season ending and playoffs approaching every possession counts for both seeding and the MVP race. If you ask me I think he deserves MVP at this point.

Kevin Durant picked the wrong person to put a chip on a players’ shoulder. If the Warriors don’t win this year I foresee Westwolf going to a contender and knocking Durant out every year until he retires. This is a BAD MAN (Mark Jackson Voice)!