Top Entrepreneurs Team Up For Social X Convention March 29th – 31st

As you know social media has taken over networking and growth in today’s world. The influencers at the top have mastered different practices and monetized their niche. In the midst of this, the importance of advancement through personal interaction and real experiences has been lost. The team at Social X identified this problem and teamed up with some of the best in the world to supply the solution.

From March 29th to March 31st in Tampa, Florida some of the top entrepreneurs and executives in the world will be unveiling and teaching their strategies that have made them seven and eight figure improvements to their income.

And don’t think this is the conventional keynote. This eclectic group ranges from social growth experts to real estate moguls, and all the way to dual-threat professional athletes.

Last Friday, Social Blackbook was invited to capture their epic launch celebration in Miami Beach. Hundreds of top impresarios, professional athletes, entertainers, and tastemakers flooded the property to pay homage to the Social X team and the successful entrepreneurs in attendance.

Here is a quick recap of the evening and a glimpse of what’s to come in late March.

We would like to thank Founder Justin Caballero, Co-Founder Aaron Platt and the entire Social X collective for opening us up to their successful endeavors and network. We will definitely be there in March.

We suggest you buy a ticket and meet us there also. Well, that is if you care about your future. I can’t guarantee you anything but I am highly confident that you would rather spend this money here in oppose to one round at your locate club.

Take that step to level up your network and your overall improvement as an individual. We hope to see you there.

Visit for access to tickets and more information.


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