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The Lakers Retire Kobe’s Jersey | The Legends of 8 and 24

The Lakers Retire Kobe’s Jersey | The Legends of 8 and 24

Whether you are a sports fan or not you have heard of Kobe Bryant. It’s not because of forced advertisements, or scandals, it’s because of his legendary accolades. Last night the Los Angeles Lakers retired his jersey’s before a blockbuster matchup against the Golden States Warriors.

Bryant was accompanied by Magic Johnson, his former agent Rob Pelinka, and owner Jeanie Buss. Buss and Johnson gave heartfelt speeches for the Mamba which

brought tears to all of our eyes. Over the years there were differences between Buss and Bryant but in the end, their passion to win created a unique bond.

For the ones that were under a rock, they retired 2 jersey’s because Bryant produced Hall of Fame caliber work in both numbers. He managed to dominate his way to at least 2 Championships, 8 All-Star Games, and 16,000 points in each jersey. These also include 81 points in one game, 60 points in his last game at the age of 35, and the youngest ever to reach 30,000 points.

Like always Bryant dropped some jewels of wisdom that inspired us all to be better and aspire to be great. As we gawked over his illuminated jersey’s in the rafters, Kobe showed humility in his speech expressing what “it’s about”. He praised the legends before him, the current roster and their bright future, the fans, the Laker organization and most importantly, his supportive family.

I’m sure Kevin Durant is happy the posterizing of the year by Larry Nance Jr. was overshadowed by this epic moment. That was NASTY (HAHA)! Although “The Mamba” left earlier than we wanted he did, however, leave us with enough to solidify him as one of the “G.O.A.T.’s (Greatest of All Time)”.

Watch the ceremony below: