T.I. Celebrates His Birthday In Miami

September in E11even has been nostalgic for everyone that has been able to attend. It was spent with now 3 artists that reminded everyone that they ran hip hop for over a decade. 50 Cent is in a category of his own in terms of gangsta rap and Nelly was so poppin’ in his day that he still has songs in party rotations. On Saturday at his birthday party, T.I. reminded us that he is probably one of the smoothest gangsta rappers of this generation.

Many stars came to show love last night. One of the most unique to see was Atlanta Hawks rising star Trae Young. His friends and colleagues gave great energy and a dope addition to the atmospheres. Even though there were more celebrities and athletes in the room, T.I. certainly noticed it and shouted him out a few times.

T.I. performed hits like 24’s, Top Back, About The Money. Everyone in the crowd screamed back word for word and revealed their inner grit. Even if he brought out the tilted hat to the side I wouldn’t have been mad. Actually maybe I would’ve (Ha) but that’s beside the point.

October, they. So far be on the lookout for Sheck Wes on October 4 and a high octane lineup for Halloween Week including Dada Life, Diplo, DJ Carnage and many more.

Here are a few more moments from the night captured by Dex Hobbes:

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