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Surprise Birthday Party: JP or Jon Pierre?

Surprise Birthday Party: JP or Jon Pierre?

I’ve spent some time on the road. Face it, I love New York and I missed being home. Being a native New Yorker, and on the scene for years has allowed me to grow, separate, reunite, and cross paths with so many people. Jp or Jon Pierre (depending on when you met him) has been a recurring character that stands out in this neverending story I call “Life”.

So it’s 32 degrees, it’s Thursday night in NYC, and I just got back from 82 and sunny Miami. I sat scrolling facebook on my couch when Shawn Namm sends me an invite to JP’s surprise birthday party. Jon (or shall I say “Jon Pierre”) and I were high school friends coming up in Queens that had crossed paths during college, after college, and throughout the years to follow. This was perfect. I clicked going. Immediately Shawn and another high school mate Mariana like that I’m “going”. Stoked. I get to catch up with characters from earlier chapters in my life. I had not seen Mariana in almost 10 years.

Now it’s Friday night, it’s 32 degrees in NYC and the surprise is at 9pm. I go in my kitchen and I throw back some 1800 Tequila to brace myself for the cold. I get ready, I grab my camera, and roll out. Showed up at 11:43. Perfect. I stroll into Draught 55 and the first thing I see is JP in the middle of a group running his mouth with a shit-eating grin on his face. Fucking Jon, being Jon. (That’s “JP” or “Jon Pierre” to you)

We see each other and greet with the typical half handshake, shoulder to shoulder with a mutual back pat hug. JP tells me I’m just in time and to jump in the photo. Someone pulls out an iPhone and I drop my duffel to pull out my camera. Immediately I let the room know, I got this.

Jp and I ran around the NYC nightclub scene when we had just turned 21. Jon started out with Mastercard and now is a good ol’ hedge fund boy. Proud of his gold cufflinks, happy to talk about double comma checks, and consistent with a dime around his arm name Alexandra, JP’s personality has grown into a strong one. What I managed to learn about this man over the last 14 years was that we both are about “that life” and “chasing the bag”.


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Photo By: @dexoliverhobbes