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Social Blackbook Launches “Social Capital Forum” For Influential Figures

Social Blackbook Launches “Social Capital Forum” For Influential Figures

The Social Blackbook “Social Capital Forum” is a collection of invited creatives (artists, designers, models, and content creators), thought leaders, and market makers who consume and activate knowledge gathered from each other. The primary objective is to help everyone involved amplify their Social Currency.

Once admitted you are granted access to join a Telegram channel that frequently announces and

“Tee Grizzley” from the Rolling Loud 18 Album

publishes interviews from their peers, tips and insights from the creative and business ecosystems, investment opportunities like forex trading, tips on content production, and access to marketing campaigns.

Here are a few examples of the people in the forum:

We will be granting access to a select amount of applicants from now until August 1st. It will be opened back up after our launch of the full program.



From an interview with the graphic artist “Chermidy”

What Is Social Capital?

The meaning of Social Capital can be a very complex term if you want it to be. Primarily, we use it as a social science that involves the potential of individuals to secure benefits and invent solutions to problems through collaboration in social networks.

According to Investopedia, it is a result of a positive impact on human interaction, which may include useful information, innovative ideas, and future opportunities.

Simplified, it is the willingness of people to help each other. It often replaces money which people would use to buy the same help.

What Is Social Currency?

Social Currency is existing and potential resources that arise from social networks and cultures. A subset of Social Capital, an individual or brand’s social currency can dictate your impact on today’s world (Online and Offline).

Most importantly, companies have access to tracking tools, analytics and other technologies making it easier to track and compare social currency. With that in mind, if you want to have any say in your progression you better take this term seriously!

-We will be releasing full deep dives of Social Capital and Social Currency soon as it relates to the Social Blackbook community.-


Overall the participants in our Social Capital forum form a community of like-minded influential figures that share their expertise and prowess to positively benefit each other in numerous ways.

On we currently have a backend ecosystem where we manage our contacts (brands, influencers, etc.) and facilitate interactions, deals, and ideas. We are currently building a robust backend where all participants will be able to run their lifestyle as a whole. This will include but not limited to special deals from products of the marketplace (launching in July), access to other members (influencers, executives, brands, entertainers, etc.), inclusion in marketing campaigns (product placement, influencer marketing, sponsorships), special invitations to sick ass events (concerts, conferences, parties, networking, etc.), and much more. Refer to the Enroll page for more information.

“1 Hotel Luxury Homes” from a campaign with Social Blackbook

On this page, Socialites and Enterprise members can apply to be granted access to this backend once it’s launched and also get access to this Social Capital Forum. If not accepted, don’t be discouraged. There are only a limited amount of spots for this round of admittance, but you will be first to know when we open it up again.

This group was formed to gather a few of the experts so that you will get the best possible Social Blackbook backend/product when it’s ready. This group also will be producing the tips and insights that we will be publishing often as well. With that said, stay tuned for all updates and remember that “Culture IS Influence“.

-To find out more about future plans, upcoming releases, partnership opportunities and more for Social Blackbook read our deck here or subscribe to our newsletter.-


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