SLS Night Swim Sets The Pace For Upcoming Season

Sunday’s in Miami are very relaxed and have a great number of leisure activities and events. One of the activities that they don’t have a lot of is night pool parties. Hyde Beach at the SLS Hotel, however, has now tried and succeeded. We attended their monthly Night Swim this past Sunday and had a blast.

For years, they have had the most successful and exciting day pool party in Miami but they decided to take it up a notch. They added a stage to the front of the pool, stacked on dope DJs and kept the party going into the evening. Some patrons stayed but more kept flowing in.

My group and I arrived at the SLS around 4 p.m. where we vibed out to sounds by 96.5’s DJ LivItUp. After the sun went down, I noticed a slight change in the music but the vibe still stayed up. This definitely wasn’t the first time I’ve had that reaction to DJ Damaged Goods, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. He’s been one of the best DJ’s in Miami since I arrived a few years back.

When I realized that, I then left my area and walked around the party some more. All to find that it was still packed with tastemakers, theatrics, and many fun groups in the pool.

One last thing. If you were not there and are reading this, I have some bad news. This was actually the last night swim of the season. Although it is unfortunate, there is something to look forward to next summer. This also was a great reminder that their weekend pool parties are still one of the best events in Miami. We will be attending many more throughout the high season, ESPECIALLY, this weekend.

Hit us up asap if you want to join us.

Here are some captured moments from last week.

Shot by Dex Hobbes

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