Sennheiser & NYMIASC’s New Marketing Metric EVS | “Influence Sound” Is Born

Urban millennials have solidified themselves as a key demographic for consumer retention. The demo consists of such a diverse group with the same views amongst a wide age range. The modern consumer forces rapid innovation and new marketing tactics for most brands in this day and age. One of which is The New York & Miami Social Club’s new initiative called Engagement Via Sales (EVS).

EVS is a sales and marketing hybrid tactic driven by various forms of engagement through collaborations, some of which include hotels, nightclubs, event spaces, and non-traditional lifestyle retail operations. Gamification, brand activations, programmatic ad buying, sponsored instant rebates, and curated content are some of many key elements in driving the traffic and awareness that makes EVS successful. Sennheiser in partnership with NYMIASC, “The creative agency, driven by sales tactics” have initiated the first major test case of EVS. Further detail of the partnership have yet to be disclosed.

The audio mega giant behind the campaign “Shape The Future of Audio”  will be the primary beneficiary of NYMIASC’s new #influencesound campaign. However, there are other collaborative talks in motion as well that include major scale brands outside of the audio industry. Currently, #influencesound targets those in fashion, spirits, sports, and automotive.

” Our executive team including myself have spent years on the sales side. As a photographer and creative you learn to understand what senses, when altered, evoke certain emotions. As a company we are all about action through social engagement. We are very visually and experience driven. What people see helps mold thier own vision. What we hear alters our thoughts. What we expierence changes how we plan. We want more people to invest in quality sound and visual experiences. Steve Jobs knew how important it was and what it took to connect to peoples hearts. Jobs was able to change the world. Since the iPod and iPhone we have been going through a series of rapid audio, communicative, and visual innovation on mobile platforms.

There are tons of headphones on the market, some better than others. We are fortunate to partner up with such a company that makes such a durable, and stylish product with superior sound quality. I had the opportunity to listen to my favorite music on various headphones by the audio giant and it was an experience. You hear sound in ways that you have never heard it before, and it’s truly futuristic. When I listened to Places by Martin Solvieg on The HE1 I got chills. I felt like I had been transported to another place and I know that is something that most people haven’t felt before. The sound was inspring.

Despite the HE1 being a $50,000+ piece of equipment, the HD1 series provides a more scalebale uncompressed and unparalled audio experience for the masses vs. other popular headphones on the market.

NYMIASC is all about quality, experience, and social interaction in its creative projects. Sennheiser is the best, so it is right up our alley.”

– Dex Hobbes President|Co-Founder, NYMIASC, Inc.

Sponsored Instant Rebates encourages fans that engage with their content and activations by purchasing a product with their earned sponsored code that is not published publically anywhere online. Ideally, it is a distribution channel developed by NYMIASC, however, transfers what would be potential profits back to the consumer at the time of checkout. The profits instead are used to pay for a portion of the purchase of a Sennheiser product at its full retail value.

Along the way, NYMIASC has adopted a cause, The Beach Recovery Foundation. The foundation will be integrated into the #InfluenceSound campaign.

BRF naturally extends our coastlines which have been suffering from erosion. Restoring our coast ultimately builds back tourism, creates more jobs, and most importantly, restores our planet. BRF creates safer beaches, increases marine life, and even helps lower and sustain global temperatures.

The partnership will be announced soon along with more details about their campaign.  Stay tuned and jump on board.



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