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SCARFACE IS BACK! Starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Sofia Vergara

SCARFACE IS BACK! Starring Leonardo Dicaprio and Sofia Vergara

Say hello to my little friend” because the legend of Tony Montana is BACK. It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you were born after 1952 you have seen the original Scarface. We have waited years for the Al Pacino remake. What most don’t know is that Pacino was the genius behind the idea to remake Howard Hawks version around Al
Capone in 1932
, but this one came down to the Director Brian DePalma. Fast forward 24 years to today’s historical moment. We have finally found the right guy.

Leonardo Dicaprio will be star in the next Scarface coming out in 2017. He will be accompanied by Modern Family megastar Sofia Vergara. For the first time in a long time, Hollywood has picked the right people for the Job. The mysterious sexual tension between siblings will now be transformed with this dynamic duo. I can’t wait.

I’m sure we all hope this movie isn’t 4 hours long like the last but we’ll make an exception. What I am most excited about is how they plan to integrate the improvements of technology? Due to authenticity, we overlooked the fake blood and outrageous weapon effects. What is a Tommy Gun going to look like in 2017?!!!