PRESS RELEASE: Megalo Enterprises


Social Blackbook Corp. Accepts First Round Investment from Megalo Enterprises

Social Blackbook Corporation has agreed to accept a first round of investment from MEGALO which will be used to enhance video production standards, and content production workflow for both its pre-existing and future clients resulting in increased revenues. 

The initial investment amount has been deemed anonymous for specified contractual reasoning. However, it is understood that the deal includes incentives with specific goals to unlock a larger infusion and expand offices outside of Miami, Florida.

We have built a great relationship with Megalo and its investors group over the past months which was a major variable in both of our decisions. All in all, this partnership with Megalo will give us a vast improvement in project management and drive substantial market penetration.” – Jazz Gordan – Co-Founder of Social Blackbook

Additionally, Social Blackbook will be introducing a new web development platform and e-commerce practices.

Stay informed on the content coming from this agency as they continue on their quest to improve the media landscape for Miami and create new revenue opportunities for their partners. See below for more information about Social Blackbook and how to contact them.


Social Blackbook, Corp.

Social Blackbook is a multi-faceted media corporation including a media agency, business/talent manager, and lifestyle store. At our core, we focus on original content creation combined with full-service media-based business development to strategically grow companies domestically and internationally.  


Social Blackbook

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Megalo Enterprises

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