Post Malone Orders Keg and Cases Of Bud Light And Performs at E11even

There have been many artists that have come through Miami. There have been many artists that have come through Miami. A few have made the city very excited, honestly, this was the craziest I’ve seen the city react since I’ve been here. When E11even announced that they were having Post Malone perform, Miami went into pandemonium.

When I arrived they were not letting in ANYONE. I can understand why. When I got inside the placed was packed from wall to wall, but that didn’t matter. Everyone was having a blast in anticipation. DJ Spade was keeping the rowdy crowd busy while they waited for Malone’s arrival. Then the moment came. He came barreling in through the back door accompanied by Rich The Kid, top impresarios and tastemakers, and a sea of beautiful women. Parades of Bud Light beer kegs, cases of Bud Light bottles, and crates full of 1 dollar bills came right behind him.

After getting a little tipsy with his Bud Light keg, Malone took the stage. You can definitely tell that Malone was enjoying himself and was feeling the love from the crowd. The dude was only supposed to do 4 songs. He performed like 10. I lost count. Some of the hits he performed were “Congratulations”, “Wow”, and “White Iverson”, and many songs off of his recent album “Hollywood’s Bleeding“. He then stayed after his performance throwing stacks of money into the crowd and partying hard with his friends.

It might be safe to say that this might’ve been the best performance I’ve ever seen in a nightclub. He kept the crowd laughing in between songs, made them happier and happier each extra song he played, and his partying style made everyone feel like they were partying with him. He made everyone feel normal again. Not to mention his melodic music mixed with his eclectic lyricism makes you feel good.

From the moment Malone debuted as an artist with White Iverson everyone wondered if he would be a one-hit-wonder. It ended up being the beginning of one of the most memorable rockstars careers of our generation. Saturday night he reminded everyone.

As E11even gears up for an exciting Halloween lineup, the city will be resting up after this insane weekend. All of which, anchored by an epic night at E11even with Post Malone.

Here are more photos from the night below:

Shot By Dex Hobbes



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