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PART 1 | Vice x Ford Attempt To Save The Planet | A Documentary On “The Third Industrial Revolution”

PART 1 | Vice x Ford Attempt To Save The Planet | A Documentary On “The Third Industrial Revolution”

One of the main reasons I started Chasing The Bag was to attract the millennial market then educate them while I have their attention. With that said, PAY ATTENTION, IM ABOUT TO TELL YOU SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT. 


Part 1

A few weeks ago my partners and I were invited to a screening in Downtown Miami with Vice

Third industrial revolution

Media. We had no idea that it was going to have the impact that it did. Weeks have passed and I haven’t seen anything covering it. I can see why it’s being gobbled up by the fossil fuel monopoly.  It’s now very clear that we need to help push the movement of saving our planet.

Ford and Vice teamed up with Jeremy Rifkin to inform the world that we are on the verge of the 6th extinction and Millennials are the ones that have to save us. The craziest part to me wasn’t that we were introduced to the problem. It’s the fact that we may have a solution to some of it. 

The panel was accompanied by Eddy Moretti (Chief Creative Officer – Vice), Phillip Levine (Mayor of Miami Beach), John Viera (Director of Sustainability – Ford), and Tony Garcia (Principal of Street Plans – Miami). Their main topics derived around Ford’s new direction of monetizing Autonomous Cars (Driverless cars), Miami’s suffering coastline and underutilized buildings. The driverless car thing is pretty insane but I’m OK with it. The coastlines issue, however, needs to be addressed immediately. Projects like these positively help affect our economy and most importantly, our ecosystem.

Our country is currently battling with Hurrican Harvey in Houston. Such a scary and unfortunate situation. If you’re capable please look into one of the relief projects and get involved. If we don’t act now we will be dealing with the same situation again and again. What’s the next step?

Insert the { Beach Recovery Foundation } here. BRF is using a method called “accretion engineering” to reverse engineer the erosion process, which organically restores coastlines. The costs are minimal compared to current methods and it permanently fixes the problem. Owner Gregory Sarno is now 100% devoted to disseminating this technology to the masses.

Mayor Levine expressed that they do not have a perfect solution, however, they are performing different methods while they search and battle the government against Fossil Fuel. Through my research, I have found that these methods are not performing well and are just blowing through budgets.

Dumping sand is not the solution. Let us help!

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Part 2 will delve more into the changes that are happening to our governmental and economic structure. We will be discussing concepts of a Shared Economy, Biosphere Consciousness and more. STAY TUNED!