Our Story - Social Blackbook

Our Story

Social Blackbook is a media hub and commerce platform for exclusive entertainment industry news, cool products, and content from trendy misfits.

In partnership with Drip Ninja, a marketing agency and members club based out of Miami, SBB facilitates events, product launches, and marketing campaigns. The content features lifestyle, events, business tips, entertainment, hospitality and pop culture news. As a community, their goal is to help everyone understand that “culture is influence”.

At their core, they utilize their managed network to enhance the success of their consulting relationships.

The Why

Everyone thinks about culture and influencers differently and most times, separately. Brands become successful and/or improve by creating a culture alongside an influential movement. Social Blackbook is a guide and movement that is creating a culture of educated/well-rounded market movers. They want to inspire their audience to be thought leaders of the new world.

What Does Social Blackbook Mean?

Blackbook was used for your top secret list of contacts. In their case, they are contextually using the term to centralize the media and business world. Instead of holding it to one person they are socially sharing it with vetted market movers. The information you consume, the events you attend, and the people you meet with Social Blackbook all can be used in everyday life.

Let’s Create.media buyers, entertainers, executives, impresarios, digital strategists, and many other market movers.

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