NYMIASC Partners With Miami Media House “DRKT”

Today marks the first day of Black History Month. A period reminiscent of growth and evolution in our society. Technology and creative are amongst the biggest changes. We are now in 2018 where videos are king and if you’re not producing them your probably irrelevant. Change is upon us. Miami originally was not known for being much of a media hub, but now has been referenced frequently in recent entertainment projects, partnerships, and commercial build-outs.

Rising media conglomerate NYMIASC just announced their new partnership with DRKT., a prestigious media house in Miami, FL. Together they are planned to pump out larger brand campaigns and premium content for their publications.

“Two years ago we saw a void in the media industry and saw a solution in Miami. After spending some time getting acclimated and integrating new practices we are finally ready to show the world what we have been working on.” Dex Hobbes, NYMIASC, INC. CEO

DRKT. is comprised of a team of seasoned creatives from all over the world. Their clients include companies like Spotify, ESPN, Sony Music, Nike and much more. They joined forces to take content and visual concepts to a new level.

Market penetration in Miami is at an all-time high. Hollywood, Las Vegas, and even the big apple are all beginning to open up operations in America’s prize paradise. It started with an influx of music festivals but soon you will begin to start to see larger productions of all kinds, media agencies, and financial institutions flood the city. Can you blame them? Miami is always warm, contains an abundance of beautiful people, and like NY and LA is central to all continents.

NYMIASC and DRKT. are way ahead of the curve and are plotting on legendary moves. Here is a glimpse of what is to come:

To inquire about your own project visit DRKT.co

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