Sheck Wes Pulls Up On 6th Borough Miami

I spent a good portion of my adult life in NY and Miami. My love for both is bittersweet. When I can get a mix of both that is my sweet spot. Talking to Miami ladies with a NY swag puts the battery in my back that I appreciate. Last night Sheck Wes pulled up at E11even and set the pace for the night for everyone, including me.

E11even started their night with a crazy performance. I gazed across the room at a white circle that ended up being the skating rink for an insane ice skating performance when I arrived. Yes, they were ice skating in the middle of E11even.

After Sheck Wes took in the vibes he took center stage. The crowd then erupted when Mo Bamba came on.  As we can probably assume, everyone came for that. I did say he set the pace because the high energy didn’t stop.

Different celebrities, athletes and tastemakers continued to file in. Many were pissed that they missed the performance but quickly were diagnosed with amnesia when they realized the party was on a high level.

Just as anticipated the party trickled into the morning. As E11even starts their exciting October with a NY legend the rest of the city is just getting warmed up for what they call HIGH season.

Halloween, Art Basel, Super Bowl LIV, and iii Points are just some of the few sick event series’ that are approaching. Start to bargain with your colleague to fill in for you now because one of the best winters of recent USA history is upon us. Let’s make the most of it.

Check out some other photos from the night below and the rest of the gallery taken by Dex Hobbes.

Gino Lapinto
Sheck Wes Arriving

Covered by Jazz Gordan

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