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NEW CBD Wellness Beverage “Unity” Expands to 66 Stores and Counting

NEW CBD Wellness Beverage “Unity” Expands to 66 Stores and Counting

As technology advances more and more industries are beginning to emerge due to the discovery of more efficient methods. One of which, is how to receive the healthy benefits of hemp without becoming high or inhaling smoke.

Unity CBD Wellness Beverage has entered the market and is here to stay. Just yesterday they have expanded to their 66th location from Los Angeles to Orange County after just launched in February.

So What is CBD and What does a CBD beverage even mean?

CBD is one of two different phytocannabinoids. THC and CBD. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the primary molecule that contains the hallucinogenic or psychoactive effects found in hemp.

CBD or cannabidiols’ primary benefit is pain relief and anti-inflammatory solutions. Unity essentially enforces benefits of that particular increasingly-popular phytocannabinoid (CBD), enhances it with plant-based nutrients, then mixes it with adaptogens into a refreshing wellness beverage. 

Founded by fitness influencer Alex Valley Unity was created to solve his own problem, which is now solving problems for millions more.

“‘Stressed Out’ has become the new normal in today’s hectic world. Since we started, our goal has been to bring something to the market that is super-healthy, tastes great, and reduces stress. Something beautifully crafted—from the branding to the flavor. Simply put: something good for you and your mental health.” – Alex Valley

CBD beverages not only directly affect certain symptoms. Additionally, these beverages improve the wellness of our youth, lower the risk of lung cancer from smoke consumption, slow down the consumption of soda and much more.

As this CBD industry continues to break boundaries and expand, Unity is one of those companies that will be documented as one of the pioneers and thought leaders in the space. If you are a vendor, merchant, or an entity that likes to take advantage of an untapped opportunity I suggest you take this company seriously.

All they want to do is to help you To be your best U.

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