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“Music Made Us” Explained | Social Blackbook’s New Music Initiative

“Music Made Us” Explained | Social Blackbook’s New Music Initiative

For the confused, Social Blackbook is a managed Rolodex of valuable contacts, in partnership Drip Ninja. They protect their contacts from spam and bad deal flow as well as facilitate campaigns to highlight them and their brands in multiple ways. Recently, they opened a new music division to express their appreciation for music’s contribution to our society but more importantly, to pay homage to what it has done for their careers. This division is called Music Made Us.

Over the past four years, the Founders Dex Hobbes and Jazz Gordan have been covering the top events, nightclubs, and campaigns in Miami.

Post Malone at E11even in Miami | Shot by Dex Hobbes

Prior to this, they ran around the New York City nightclub scene building their connections, partying their asses off, showing up to their corporate jobs tired as hell, then doing it all again. Ironically, this led to linking up and landing a huge opportunity in Miami to take over the branding for a hospitality group. This led to a long list of events covered, exclusive interviews, and marketing campaigns.

Combined, is over a decade of research and experiences in the entertainment industry. The conclusion, that music has been the driving force of society and in their careers. Ex:

“We would watch YouTube and hear a new song that is hot. Next, we would end up inside of a club and hear the DJ play that song, then change it quickly because the crowd didn’t know it. Then we would feature the song on our website and include it in an email and social media blast. A member of our network would read it then reach out to us randomly to do a new campaign for something about their brand. Yes, this happened often.”Co-Founder Jazz Gordan


With that said, they are ramping up a notch this year. Their new projects include their ear for good music, eye for quality content, and their charisma to the front of the mainstream market. Either be on the lookout or get involved with big campaigns, events, and collaborations with artists, record labels, DJ’s, producers, brands, media outlets, festivals and more.

To find out more and get involved visit the Music Made Us page and submit your inquiry.

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