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Miami Fashion Elite Called On To Revive Miami During The Pandemic | The Blonds

Miami Fashion Elite Called On To Revive Miami During The Pandemic | The Blonds

As we begin to uncover these new beginnings, we remember the elements that anchor our economy. One of those elements will always be fashion. It’s trends in forward-thinking and business masterminding have set the foundations for our future for decades. This Sunday, Miami called upon their elite fashionistas to pave the way. The Downtown Development Association (DDA) teamed up with Galore Magazine and The Blonds to produce an astonishing fashion show in downtown Miami with the market movers of today’s creative culture to reignite the economy and local businesses.

This event was the first-ever open-air fashion show and concert outside of Olympia Theatre on the historic Flagler Street featuring artists Ivy Queen, Mariah Angeliq, and Vikina to kick off #AltB, in a month-long local art activation to help our economy bounce back from the pandemic. The special attendees viewed these fashion pieces they’ve never seen before while they gathered inspiration for their upcoming creations. That being said, this is sure to be the start of a new wave in entertainment in Miami and trends across America.

“It was interesting to see a show that mixed Miami Latin Culture with NY’s flair of fashion design.” – Dex Hobbes – President of Drip Ninja

Us at Social Blackbook want to also wish everyone healthy exploring during this unfortunate time in our human history. Please wear a mask and encourage your peers to do the same. While we have been spending most of 2020 staying safe inside our homes, it is also time for us to go outside, get some fresh air, and support the businesses and creations that are a vital part of our survival. Check back here to find out about more COVID-friendly happenings and businesses as you step out during Miami’s high season.

Check out some of the moments captured below:


Photography by Pavle Janjic of World Red Eye and compilation of the creatives from the Downtown Development Association 

Special thanks to Christina Crespi of the DDA

Written by Jazz Gordan