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Male Rappers Epic Response To Female Rappers Sexual Liberty Push (Opinion Piece)

Male Rappers Epic Response To Female Rappers Sexual Liberty Push (Opinion Piece)

Written by: Gracie Kahn

It’s interesting how male rappers are heated about the Sexual Liberty among female artists after society has been complaining that they have been sexualizing women for years.

Just a few clicks without hesitation, and millions of people are singing along to the absurd amount of quotable lyrics that continue to uphold the powerful barrier of misogyny. I am most certainly guilty of this act, along with many other women who advocate for equal rights. From N.W.A and Snoop Dogg, to Eminem and Kanye West, there is no effort in trying to hide the belittlement of women in music. Whether or not it was “just a rhyme” or a genuine feeling, these lyrics are a problem that is too often ignored. Recently, we have been seeing a strike back from the Women in Hip-Hop which has caused major controversy among the community as a whole.

As you can tell, there’s a whole lot to unpack here. Between Megan Thee Stallion, Flo Milli, City Girls, Doja Cat and more, we have been seeing hits from left and right thanks to these phenomenal women. These individuals are raising an all-time high for the rest of the music community (especially Hip-Hop and R&B), by topping every chart. The issue many are having is the lyricism within these songs.

For example, in Flo Milli’s “In The Party,” she says, “I smoked all his weed and I told him to leave. Use him for his money, that’s all that I need. When I see him in public, I don’t even speak. And if he ask to f*ck, I’ma charge him a fee (money). Baby, you outta luck if he coming with me.” This song definitely received major recognition whether it was positive or negative backlash because of how straight forward she was about the desires she has. Many were startled about the lyricism because it was coming from a woman, yet we don’t usually second guess the males who are objectifying women in their music anyways. Simultaneously, men have made it very clear that they’re uncomfortable with these women smashing the patriarchy by the freedom of expression. A bit hypocritical, some would say. Yet, why do they feel this way? 

After the release of “WAP” by Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion, the whole internet went crazy. Ben Shapiro, a conservative political commentator, said the song was “really, really, really vulgar.” James Bradley, Republican congressional candidate in California, said it made him “want to pour holy water in my ears.” And finally according to TeenVogue,  CeeLo Green  called it “shameless” and “disappointing on a personal and moral level.” 

We have normalized men getting away with sexualizing and objectifying women, slut shaming them, and even talking about violence against them throughout their music. But, when two powerful, Black women receive recognition about being proud of who they are,  cisgender men find a way to make their brutal commentary public. We turned a blind eye when lyrics from “U.O.E.N.O.” said: “Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it. I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.”  We turned a blind eye when “Love Game” by Eminem said: “Snatch the b*tch out her car through the window, she screamin’. I body slam her onto the cement, until the concrete gave and created a sinkhole. Bury this stink h*e in it, then paid to have the street re-paved.”

Those are just two examples of us completely ignoring the misogynistic, violent, and abusive lyrics towards women, but get infuriated when those like Lil Kim and Missy Elliot, or Nicki Minaj and Cardi B share their sexual liberty with their audience.

So, something you should start to think about moving forward is: Why am I angry about successful (usually BIPOC) Women? How am I negatively impacted by their success? And lastly, don’t forget to continue getting uncomfortable… it allows you to grow as a person. 

Recent Examples of Female Rappers hitting the top charts:

  • WAP- Cardi B, Megan thee Stallion
  • Pus*y Talk- City Girls, Doja Cat
  • Body- Megan thee Stallion
  • May I- Flo Milli
  • In The Party- Flo Milli
  • Beef Flo Remix- Flo Milli
  • Back to the streets- Saweetie, Jhené Aiko
  • Say so- Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj
  • Girls in the Hood- Megan thee Stallion
  • Muwap- Mulatto
  • Act Up- City Girls
  • Doin Too Much- KashDoll
  • Step It Up- Mulatto
  • Tap In- Saweetie
  • OHFR- Rico Nasty