Kent Jones And Papii Rose Perform At Rockwell With 100+ Female Entourage

Papii Rose aka Prince with red entourage

Monday’s in entertainment is always a prime night to go out because the room is filled with the tops of industry. One of the premier clubs to find that is Rockwell in Miami. Every time I go they gather some of the best tastemakers and models in the city. Last night at Rockwell, Kent Jones and artist Papii Rose not only put on a great performance, but they also brought half the women in Miami with them.

It was also Papii Rose also known as Prince’s (Love and Hip Hop Miami) birthday, so he added a bit more color to his entrance. When he pulled up onto the scene he was accompanied by a fleet of 100+ woman and his team all dressed in red. The myth states that it was actually upwards of 200+. We will never no! HA.

After the crowd was done staring at his fleet in awe they got back to partying hard. By the time Kent Jones was performing his hit songs, “Merengue“, and “Don’t Mind”, the room was on fire!

Papii Rose followed with his eclectic performance led by his most recent single “Pretty Little Thing“.

As we getting closer to the high season in Miami you can feel the buzz. Halloween is around the corner. What kind of costumes are you putting together? Remember you need at least 3 different costumes. Don’t ever say I never put you on! Below are a couple more images from the night and footage of the insane entrance.

Photos By Dex Hobbes


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Papii Rosë baby .

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