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Kanye West Speaks On Trump, Family and MUCH MORE With Jimmy Kimmel

Kanye West Speaks On Trump, Family and MUCH MORE With Jimmy Kimmel

Every day we get is a beautiful thing. Including those who have a full routine, we all have moments when something changes the course of your day. This interview on Jimmy Kimmel with Kanye West is definitely one of those moments. Thankfully, I was able to take in a lot of new ways of looking at things through this interview. Here are few points that stuck out. I will try not to ruin the entire video so that you can be able to grab your own desired knowledge and interpretation.

Over the past few years I have been studying different aspects of life and how society goes about understanding it. Even more granular the practice of being an entrepreneur defies status quo and pushes us into a world of unknown. The baseline of this interview for Kanye was summarizing his thought process as a quest of breaking the barriers of simulation.

We are all constantly challenged by propaganda, “The American Dream“, and politics. Unfortunately, this melting pot of ideas has created a wall of “Hate” for creativity. When going into depth on these ideas it started off very well then transitioned to controversial very fast.

After watching this clip (below) I was convinced that they people were going to bypass everything he said and crucifying for him getting stuck about the President’s immigration actions. Before being stumped, he explain that supporting Donald Trump was an act of courage. His underlying theme was to enlighten people on how to not live life through fear and treat everyone as our family.

“When I see people just even like go at the president, it’s like, why not try love… One by one by one, we can diffuse this nuclear bomb of hate of society by thinking of everyone as our family and how we treat our kids,” – via

It is clear that he has difficulty speaking to people outside of his core group when Kimmel asked him that difficult question. Later in the interview explains that he has an empathy for people but is often overlooked because of his erratic mindset. To me it seems that he wants to make change but has no idea how to go about it.

Ye then spoke on defended his bad moment at TMZ as a witness of a person in a vulnerable point in his life. The interview concluded about his thoughts on suicide, his team at Yeezy Sound, his album and on his definition of bipolarism in his title. Also don’t miss his amazing stories about his daughter!

At Social Blackbook we stay out of politics so you won’t get an opinion out of me. I will say that I have a respect for people that aren’t afraid to humiliate themselves. The one thing that I hate about all of it is that we spend WAY too much time discussing whats wrong and doing 1 of or both of 2 things — 1. Do nothing constructive about it and/or 2. Spend hours wasting your time while you should be either enjoying that you’re even alive or working towards your goals or dreams. What are your overall thoughts after watching the interview below?