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Joel Alvarez of “Black Tape Project” Puts On A Show At Rockwell

Joel Alvarez of “Black Tape Project” Puts On A Show At Rockwell

Miami nightclubs are some of the best in the world for a reason. Yes, it’s always warm. Yes, people travel from all over the world to party hard. The most important is that these clubs know how to put on a show and give you a real experience. Well, Rockwell did just that this past Monday. They invited Joel Alvarez, creator of the “Black Tape Project”, to add his experience to an already great party.

I was already having a good time when I looked up to see a lineup of beautiful w0men standing on top of the DJ Booth. Alvarez jumped up and began to eloquently apply his signature tape installation on the subjects. The crowd was already fixated on the exhibit as we watched him freestyle dope designs on each of them.

Everyone else’s costumes suddenly seemed mediocre after seeing the finished product. After the exhibit, Alvarez and his beautiful team joined the party and turned up with everyone until night’s end.

Halloween day is approaching. Hit the sauna, and the gym and get ready for an insane night in Miami. I’ll see you out there.

Here are a few images captured from the night by Dex Hobbes:

Covered by: Jazz Gordan