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Jino Oguns of Acclaimed Fitness N Sh*t Discusses His Life of Motivation

One of the best defense mechanisms known to humanity is great health. It currently is the main defense to COVID-19 which has crippled our economy and life around the world. While we all scramble for solutions and finding something constructive to do, fitness model and teacher Jino Oguns is helping guide the community towards healthy living and confidence.

During this journey, he Co-Founded the acclaimed fitness conglomerate Fitness N Shit to be the conduit to giving direction to our society. We were able to get a brief interview with Oguns where he discusses how he got started in the industry, how he builds loyalty with his followers, memorable moments, and more.

What influenced you to get started in the Fitness Industry?

Being a former colligate athlete, I could never stay away from training and pushing my body to the limit. I needed a way to get that feeling again knowing I was done with college sports, also keeping in mind that living a healthy lifestyle was key to staying happy and somewhat staying close to what my heart loved. That was the fitness industry.

How do you motivate yourself and others day in and day out?

Leading by example. Motivating others honestly motivates me. Seeing people wanting to improve themselves lights a fire in me to continue to keep pushing in the fitness industry.

What is your favorite fitness brand and why?

Hands down NIKE, they break barriers like no one else. From their fitness brand, they have branched into all aspects of life and created an empire.

How do you go about acknowledging your most loyal followers?

On my fitness page, we created a hashtag called check-in. Where we highlight people living a healthy lifestyle and challenging themselves to be a better human day after day.

What is a memorable moment that came from the success of “Fitness N Shit”? 

I have 3 friends who are siblings, they reached out to me one day to tell me how their mom; who doesn’t really work out or live a healthy lifestyle, decided to join check-in. This was months ago. To this day she hasn’t missed a day to work out or live a better lifestyle.

What’s next for you and for Fitness N Shit?

Just build and continue to grow. Truly want people to be a better version of themselves, the skies are the limit for Fitness n Shit.

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