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Is Coachella On Your Radar?

Is Coachella On Your Radar?

It’s that time of year again. All those California people are talking about their California event. And we’re happy to do so also; It’s almost Coachella time ladies and gentleman and there’s no shortage of talent or genres on display. Acts range from Chet Faker and Bonobo for your deep house needs, to Dillon Francis and DJ Snake for your strong house feels. Going down the line hip hop is a killer with DJ Khaled, Future and Kendrick. If you come with an attitude take that mask off and please be humble.

DJ Snake

 Moving on to the alternative side, Radiohead comes in strong headlining along with Super Bowl follow up Lady Gaga.  It is a music lover’s oasis and with weather hopefully cooperating it will be one for the ages.

As legions of people gather for the tunes in the desert the artist experience is certainly special. All the artists have the opportunity to listen in as other artist perform. Normally they don’t have the chance to do so because of taxing tour schedules. Southern California represents strong so if you are looking for a great time you’ll have a plethora of sunshine happiness to embrace you as you arrive.

The architecture of the event is top notch as well with different structural displays and stage effects that will have you taking picture for days so make your purchase that extra bit of memory for your iCloud or Google Drive. The community that gathers takes the party within the festival into the night. House party events that keep the party rolling from day time straight through the night; sleep is optional for those strong willed individuals that want to burn the candles at both ends and get a taste of the Rock Star lifestyle. If you’re up to camping at the venue, there is a great site that provides you with all the amenities and allows you to avoid long lines leaving the festival nightly. A bonus to the experience includes the opportunity to meet and converse with your fellow Coachellans’ that have the same interest in music that you do.

The excitement grows for weekend one as the first weekend of partying is only a few short days away. Weekend two Coachella participants will get a sneak peak into what is in store for them when the cameras give us insight into the desert next Friday.  

For those west coasters that missed the Miami Music Week and Ultra experience, they are in for a treat that will surely put the Miami FOMO to bed. Promotion will be ramped up within the next few days so if you are in need of a break from reality I truly recommend taking a flight out to the desert and let your hair down for the weekend. The beauty of the desert is an experience that you will hold onto for years to come.