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Influencers and Vaginas | Beginning Boutique

Influencers and Vaginas | Beginning Boutique

Swimwear has become a staple, with influencers inspiring people to travel the demand for bathing suits year round has increased. On January 5, Beginning Boutique a small clothing company out of Australia posted a photo on Facebook of there new swimsuit bottoms by 9.0 Swim called “Heyman Bikini Bottoms” $39.95 AUS.

Let me introduce you to the Heyman Bottoms, a super high cut bottom with a thong like cheeky bottom. Sounds amazing except for how little material covers your bits….Overnight the boutique was trolled by its followers commenting on the lack of material, starting a hashtag called #freetheflaps and creating Memes. 

Laura, a mommy blogger for Knee Deep in life even went as far as to post a photo wearing the bottoms to show how little it cover. After almost 27,000 reactions and multiple news sources reporting on it beginning boutique finally made an announcement. On their instagram story they thanked everyone for bringing attention to vaginas, that body shaming is never appropriate and reminded us to get checked for cervical cancer.

Starting today Beginning Boutique will be donating ten percent of profits to cervical cancer initiatives.