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Halloween In Miami | Favela Beach at Wall Lounge Recap

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We all grew up very excited about Halloween. Apparently, we are still growing up because this Halloween was a blast. I also was reminded that Halloween is a week-long holiday. In Miami, many people grabbed 5 or more costumes to party every night from Thursday to Tuesday. Most may have assumed that this would be a tired ass last night with weak costumes and lots of empty space. Well, that wasn’t even close to the case.

All of the patrons in Miami that didn’t go out all weekend decided to raid Wall last night. Outside was a zoo. Pockets of mobs surrounded the front door. It was even crazier inside. Any table, platform or crevice possible had people on top of each other. It was not an environment where you can be sober, sit back and chill. You were forced to rage.

Not only was it packed it was also filled with quality. Top models, impresarios, and creatives were the raging patrons last night. It wasn’t a night of pretension, but rather a night of real fun with beautiful people.

DJ Rascal” killed it last night on the low as well. He had the perfect mix of top 40 I’ve been yearning for. Usually, when I hear a place is playing top 40 I run in the opposite direction. DJ’s usually mix old ass Drake, T-Pain, other played out generic hits. This is also a call out to DJ’s across the world, “CUT IT OUT”. We’re not trying to hear that sh*t.

Although it was fun, I’m glad it is finally over. It definitely got everyone in shape for what is to come for “season” starting in December. Time to get “your reps in” during November pre-season. See you out there Miami.

View a few shots from the night below:

Shot by Dex Hobbes and Jazz Gordan

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