GRUB ALERT MIAMI! | The Tavern 24/7 | Post Club American Thrown Down

Its five or maybe even six a.m Sunday morning and you are little beat up from Saturday night’s debauchery. Your’e figgity figgtiy f***ked up and a bit run down from dancing like an animal. The amount of women walking around with shoes in their hands is climbing. What we New Yorkers like to do in these scenarios is eat, immediately. We have places like Cafeteria, The Diner, L,Express, or Copellia, however I can’t say the same for Miami Beach.

Well that previous statement is not totally accurate because I couldn’t say it before. The Tavern located in Hotel Croydon (38th Street & Collins Ave) has officially gone 24 hours. Serving a selection of its tasty American cuisine on its new “We never close” menu. I eat at Tavern all the time and I must say the breakfast there is out of control.

When I eat at Tavern personally I like the steak and spinach benedict.

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