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FYRE FESTIVAL – A Destination Festival With Victoria Secret Models?

FYRE FESTIVAL – A Destination Festival With Victoria Secret Models?

Granted to the opportunity to enjoy a new year the G.O.O.D Music community has confirmed that they are headlining a new musical experienced called Fyre Festival. Ja Rule’s (Yes, Ja Rule) organization has created an opportunity for hip hop music lovers to experience a destination festival.

These types of musical experiences have engulfed the house music industry over the past decade. The EDM community has truly made an effort to expand its reach to different parts of the world; encouraging their communities to travel and experience their favorite type of music in a different cultures. This is encouraging in a global community, where technology and music has transcended normal lines of divide that we experience.

Potentially having artists such as Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, and Kanye on the card should be no problem to brand and market the event, but it seems that the G.O.O.D Music marketing team has taken an in house approach. Kendall Jenner, one of the first outlets of promotion for the festival, put up a promo piece allowing her viewers to see how she potentially could be involved. In addition to Kendall, Emily Ratajkowski and a ton of Victoria Secret have been promoting the festival on their Instagram as well. Granted we know sex sells, and both Kendall and Emily are unicorns, but it seems as if this might be a little bit more than just IG promo.

As we get closer to festival season, we also must take into account that many of these super models step out to festivals such as Coachella, and spend time in Ibiza in the summer for other musical experiences. With woman leading as pioneers in some of the more innovative business endeavors in our country, I’d be hard pressed to believe that the creators of the festival did not ask or are not currently asking for input on how they can make the festival amazing. Having a strong handle on the youth is an intricate part of brand building and conceptualization. Kendall Jenner has been dubbed a fashion icon within our culture and has the eyes and ears of 72 million people with the click of a button, it’d almost be foolish not to do so. Along with Kendall,  the other angels respectively have a massive following with ties not only in Hip Hop but house music as well.  

Hopefully the music festival will take the best from both worlds; creating a duel weekend festival that should be one for the ages. Did I mention it was in the Bahamas? I’m not going to put the crown of success on this festival yet, but it seems like the stars are starting to align for the moonlight beach party of a lifetime that every party goer dreams of. As the lineups and more details come about, look into the festival and see if it’s on your to do list this year;