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From An Uber Pool To An Epic Show By Yukon Blonde

From An Uber Pool To An Epic Show By Yukon Blonde

Monday, I ended up getting into an Uber Pool with Dave Spencer, the manager for the renowned rock band Yukon Blonde out of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

When you’re in Los Angeles you have many options to get from point A to B. You can rent a long board or bike, hop on a Lime or a Bird, or even get on a bus or train. Due to the insane traffic, you would never get into an Uber Pool. Thats almost idiotic.

But here’s a life hack. You can meet some credible and important people in them. Though we wish for them to be monetary relationships, they can also be spiritual or inspiring. Either way you never know. Keep an open mind and don’t sell yourself short from the world. Who knows what this contact could do for me or even for your next adventure.

I was sitting in my AirBnb, just got back from an exhausting run in Runyon Canyon with an old friend and said to myself damn yo,

“I’m tired af. I also have an early flight that I can’t miss. I’m not going anywhere.”

Then I thought to myself, it’s a good practice to keep up to your word. I texted Dave to confirm their 9:30 stage time at an event called “School Night” and said fu*k it. I’ll be there.

In the Uber Pool, Spencer mentioned the history behind Laurel Canyon where I was staying. Mentioning icons like Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Ozzie Osborne and more. After listening to Yukon’s Blonde’s Album “Critical Hit”, and watching their set, I’m convinced I almost passed up an opportunity to see a promising band of their caliber. The show was fucking sick!!!

Their music captivates dope vibes, good energy and an eclectic mix of cultures and decades of sounds. The experience was accompanied by a packed crowd in Bardot (a music venue right across the street from Capital Records), a tribute mural signed by Paul McCartney, and adjacent to the Hollywood star of Marlon Brando. In summary, my recent trip to L.A. was mind shifting, and this show capped it off.

Last week they released their video for “Feeling Digital”. It’s a fun, freaky, and most definitely entertaining, rendition of a horror film.

Below is the music video and the Critical Hit album. Take some time out of your busy day today and take a check out this epic ass band.

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