Feature | Chad Macc Reveals His Creative Process and More

I don’t care what you have to say. Creatives now run the world. The sooner we acknowledge them, the sooner we can understand what true impact they have on media, culture, and technological advancement. Chad Macc, is one of those hungry creatives that is breaking boundaries and not letting any obstacles disrupt his legacy.

An avid supporter of trendsetting culture,  Mr. Macc has been working very hard to establishing his style and brand. He’s consistently been traveling to LA, North Carolina, Nashville, and NYC building a name for himself.

Below he laced Social Blackbook with insight on his expertise, journey, and upcoming projects.

What do you like to shoot with?

Honestly, I like to shoot with my Canon T7i.

What is involved in your creative process?

With my creative process, I usually get inspired by movies, TV shows, and books.

How do you go about choosing your team for projects?

Mostly it’s just me but when there is a huge project I call up Devante Thomspon, another well-known photographer. We are really close so it’s no hesitation.

What is the most memorable moment you have encountered during your journey?

The most memorable moment would be an interview with Vflies.

What is next in your career and some future goals for yourself/company/team?

I’d say what’s next, is at the moment I’m working towards having a partnership with Netflix also having my name in huge companies in LA and also around the world.

Here is a look at some of his work. Feel free to visit TheChadMacc.work for more.


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