Eva-Maria Guggenberger Discusses Shooting With Dex Hobbes, Fashion Shows, Editorials, and More

We always get to admire the photo but we don’t often get to understand the person behind the camera. Fellow photography Dex Hobbes had the same moment and decided to request a photoshoot and interview with professional photography Eva-Maria Guggenberger from EMG Photography.

After seeing her work, I can definitely affirm that she is worthy of the spotlight. Luckily, I was able to catch up with her after the shoot with Dex and get a few insightful questions answered.

See the interview and some shots from her shoot with Dex below:

So what brings you to Miami?

I think it is a great spot to be as an artist, I love the tropical temperatures and you are just one flight away from NYC. 

What would you say contributed most to your style?

I always loved black and white photography and high contrast so, that definitely, influenced the way I take my images.

Most photographers dream of shooting at notable fashion shows like you. What would describe that experience being like? 

It is amazing very hectic and energetic at the same time; definitely not as glamorous as a lot of people think at least not behind the scenes 🙂
But I truly love it. I prefer to capture the true and beautiful behind the scene moments much rather than the runway itself.

If you could narrow it down to one, what would you say has been one of your most favorite projects to this date and why?

It’s hard to say there have been quite a few. But a rooftop photoshoot in LA, an editorial in Venice (Italy) or in the streets of NYC was definitely one of my favorites.

How did your shoot with Dex Hobbes come together?

Since we both are in the photography scene we were talking about cameras and he asked if I would be down to shoot since he had a lot of vintage tees 🙂

What inspired you to choose the laundromat?

Since we were shooting vintage tees I thought it would be cool to do it in a laundry mat and I think it turned out pretty awesome.

Which camera set up do you like to shoot with most?

I love to shoot with Nikon. The set up really depends on what the shoot is about, where the location is, etc., but I do mainly shoot with natural light.

If you could choose (Dead, Alive) who would be your all-time favorite person to shoot or work with?

Peter Lindbergh, Karl Lagerfeld , Kate Moss




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Instagram: @officialjazzgordan

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