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Nick M of E11even Talks Super Bowl, Nightlife Strategies, and The Future Of Miami

Nick M of E11even Talks Super Bowl, Nightlife Strategies, and The Future Of Miami

Nick Manca is a character. He is driven. He carries himself in a way where his demeanor demands respect, but he sends the respect right back to you. Following his social media is refreshing and it always feels genuine. You get a sense that he truly looks out for those around him. Never negative, comical, entertaining and motivating, you feel that E11even picked an amazing individual to help grow with the brand. If you come to Miami and want to step foot into one of the most amazing, energizing, mind-blowing establishments in the world… Nick is your guy. Ever since I took the time to learn his name, shake his hand, and greet him with respect my experience in this venue has never been the same. I feel at home when I walk through that far left door, just above the VIP podium. I am excited to share my stories of long nights and recommend this experience to anyone who expresses curiosity.

So intrigued by Nicks professionalism and candor I had to dig deeper. How does he do such an amazing job? How does he make it such an easier task for my friends and I, to find an Uber at 4 am to go get lost for hours until sunrise? I asked Jazz to interview him and find the answers. How is Nick so damn good at his fucking job?


What does your position entail? (Duties, Things you have to oversee or deal with, the daily grind, etc.)

Our main goal is to make sure every guest is being treated like a VIP, making them feel welcomed and to ensure they are receiving the full E11EVEN experience. We want to turn that first time guest into a lifetime guest, it’s all about repeat business. The daily grind consists of a lot of work I put in outside of the venue when I wake up the first thing I do is check my emails and reply back to texts. After that’s completed I check in with my team and see how we’re looking for the night, when you’re in a leadership position it’s important that you have a pulse on your staff and see where everyone’s head is at. If I’m ready to execute I want to make sure my team is feeding off my energy and is on the same mission.

How did you get started in the industry?

I got started in the hospitality industry at the age of 15 when I entered my freshman year a guy that was 2 grades above me that went to the same middle school approached me and asked me to sell pre-sale tickets to an all ages event that he was throwing. He told me I would make $3 a ticket and if I sold ten tickets he would get me into the club for free. I ended up selling way more than ten and brought a friend with me. I remember my Mother not being happy about her son going to a nightclub at such a young age but I ended up convincing her (thanks Mom). Eventually, I would get kicked out of the private high school I was attending at the time and got transferred over to public schooling where I met Otto & Fresko. They showed me the fundamentals and took me under their wing and made me a partner in the majority of the events they organized. After high school, I began organizing my own college parties (18+), for the record I never went to college. Once I turned 21 I got a shot at South Beach, at the age of 23 I met the creators of E11EVEN and here I am Today still growing.

Which elements/strategies/etc. helped propel E11even to being one of the biggest clubs in the world? Recently ranked a #13 

E11EVEN is more than just a culture, it’s a lifestyle. People have become obsessed with wearing the E11EVEN hats, walking out of the club when the suns out. I always hear people tell me “dude I left E11EVEN last night at 10 am” instead of them regretting it they want to do it all over again. The “Team no sleep” slogan has become a way of life and honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Another reason why I believe were successful and continue to grow is because we don’t base our parties on talent. When people visit us they know they are going to receive top-notch service, and have a great experience. The artists and DJ’s we book are the icings on the cake.

How did the partnership pop up with Bootsy Bellows at the Super Bowl come to fruition? What was the most memorable moment from the experience?

We partner up with them every year for Art Basel so we already had a history of events with them. A friend of ours by the name of Mitul is one of the Directors at Ravine. We were looking to do a Super Bowl Pop Up and figured Ravine would be a great spot since we had an established relationship with Mitul. Bootsy was looking to do an event as well, the three of us decided to team up and create our “Big Game Weekend”. It was a four-night event with Gucci Mane, Tiesto, Kaskade, and French Montana.

Being that you are from here and have seen the ups and downs, what do you foresee as the future of Miami hospitality/nightlife and/or Miami as a whole?

I see the music scene shifting more towards hip hop and reggaetón, EDM will always be relevant but the people want to see performers put on a show on stage instead of behind the decks in my opinion. I also see downtown and Wynwood being the main go-to spots for party goers. People are tired of being treated poorly by a doorman and having to drop thousands of dollars just to get their foot into the door. People want to go somewhere where they can eat, listen to good music, be entertained and drink.



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