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Editorial: Revenge Tour By Jeremy Haley

Editorial: Revenge Tour By Jeremy Haley

Jeremy Haley is one of those artists that is overlooked. Well, by some. He works with many sick ass brands but his humble mindset has resulted in him staying in the shadows behind his work and capabilities. Fed up with his critics, Haley decided to buckle down and earn what is rightfully his. A seat amongst the best. He blessed us with an exclusive first look at an epic tour from LA to Miami and all the way to Indonesia. He calls it “The Revenge Tour”.

This is his story. This is his REVENGE.

The Words Of Jeremy Haley…

I call it revenge tour just because I owe my self the right to push myself and show myself I have what it takes and people that have acted like I don’t will eat their words when I’m done.
Here to execute that I come in contact with.
I’m here to build a legacy.
My own.

Revenge tour is something for myself of just going out and putting my best foot forward.
Letting everyone who’s doubted or doubts me see where I’m headed and where I’m going.
Pushing the limits in every aspect.
Bringing everything I got to the table.

The tour consists of just working with anyone and everyone who understands your vision and sees and understand the journey of chasing your dreams.
Making work from fashion to street with everything in between.
Bringing to life what’s inside the models and me.

Content I’m going for is sexy but tasteful.
It’s not just ASS & TiTS in your face. It’s more of, again, a sexy and tasteful way to come from it.
Working in cities from LA to MIAMI.
From countries like Indonesia to the Caribbean’s.
I’m just Trying to give hope to everyone and anyone that has a dream to chase it.
That anything is possible and if you keep the mindset of having revenge that you’ll go out and succeed at everything you do.
Let people fuel your fire and stay true to yourself thru it all.


Here are some of his shots from the west coast. Stayed tuned as we keep a close look at his next shoots and what comes next.

Phoenix, Arizona


Palm Springs


Los Angeles