The Social Blackbook’s Dynamic Audio Player uses sound to keep our audience informed, have access to the hottest new music from multiple genres, have a resource to focus, and a place to relate with their community at any time.

Think of this as a curated online radio channel solution that is there when you need it.

The Features

Every Friday we add trendy new music and mixes that will keep you up to day with the trends just in time for the weekend.

We provide audio versions of our interviews and partnering podcasts to give direct access to valuable information on various industries and get inspired by the successful players in the Social Blackbook community.

If you forgot the DJ set up for the house party or are tired of listening to the radio? Don’t worry, WE GOT YOU. Find a mix or playlist, plug in the auxiliary cord, close your phone and set the vibe.

When you expand the player, hover over the sections until you find the categories area. Here you will find all of the categories of sounds.

The Categories

  • Hip Hop and R&B
  • Indie Rock
  • Underground House
  • Disco
  • Top 40
  • Focus Sounds
  • Reggaeton x Latin
  • Audiobooks
  • Podcasts

When you need to focus on an upcoming deadline, need a mix for your meditation or yoga session, or need something soothing to relax come over to our personal development channel. 

Soon we will include audio announcement for contests and interactive campaigns for you to get involved in. Sign up to our newsletter, submit your inquire below or come back to see when we launch this exclusive feature.

How To Get Into The Player

Either we find you or you submit something with quality.


If you want your client, brand, music, or new information in our Dynamic Audio Player fill out the form below.