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Drip Ninja presents “Laughing Ninjas” – Comedians & DJs perform Thursday nights in Miami

Drip Ninja presents “Laughing Ninjas” – Comedians & DJs perform Thursday nights in Miami

2020 has been no joke. Between a pandemic, a divided nation, and no clear vision as to where the world is heading in the near future…people are finding it difficult to even crack a smile. That’s where “Laughing Ninjas” comes in, to bring a whole new flair of light and chuckles!

Drip Ninja has stayed immensely busy in South Florida during these intricately insane times with member meet-ups, comedy shows, and after-parties. On Thursday nights, you can find an army of Ninjas sitting around a dimly light room listening to the banter of up and coming comedians in Miami.

Hosted by Dex Hobbes, President of Drip Ninja and local Renaissance man (photographer, DJ, author) takes the role of stand-up comic and seamlessly introduces each performing comic while telling his own joke material in between.

There is a sense of synergy amidst the crowd when each comic walks up to the microphone, and it is illustrated perfectly when a punch line hits and is followed by collective laughter to create a certainly magical experience in these times of uncertainty.

Tonight (12/10/2020), the Laughing Ninjas event graces the stage at Casa Tiki, a vacation in the form of a venue on Calle Ocho. The drinks are sure to be flowing, the jokes will hit out of nowhere, and the laughs will be loud.

Laughing Ninjas presented by Drip Ninja
Comedy show starts at 10 PM
After party to follow with amazing DJs

Casa Tiki
1728 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL