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Miami’s Hottest New Members Club Partners with Prominent Hypebeast Reseller

Miami’s Hottest New Members Club Partners with Prominent Hypebeast Reseller

Many of us are using today’s world to redefine our lifestyle, profession, style, and the people we spend the most time with. During trying times some of the most influential companies emerge and change the paradigm of the future. Companies like Drip Ninja and Sneak Peek Luxury are two companies that were doing that individually. Now they are teaming up to provide new opportunities for you to improve your lifestyle while getting stylish in the process.

Drip Ninja is an agency and membership platform that provides brands new lifestyle branding opportunities with an eclectic community. One of the brands is a well-known hypebeast reseller named Sneak Peak Luxury. Drip Ninja runs its community and operations through a robust back-end platform that offers income and networking opportunities, learning webinars, and much more. All of which is to improve your lifestyle and give you a more well-rounded addition to your everyday life.

Sneak Peek Luxury launched in 2015 and has grown immensely since then solidifying itself as one of the premier reseller organizations in all of Miami. In this new partnership, both brands plan to make national noise.

Their first push is a collaborative event and community discount offering called the “Drip Ninja x SPL Band Program“.  It is a members-only band that gives you exclusive access to events, discounts for their partners, access to their backend platform, and much more.

Also launching in October is a box full of drip called the HypeBox. These boxes are at times a mystery but at box levels starting at $175 you can receive various items in a bundle that you could never get together at that price. We will have more details on this program soon.

If you are one of those people that relates to a community like this get on it fast because there are limited spots.

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