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Drake Donates $1 Million in New “God’s Plan” Video

Drake Donates $1 Million in New “God’s Plan” Video

Sometimes content about good deeds are looked at as publicity stunts. I’m not going to lie I was definitely one of those people that threw shade. After realizing all of the other bs that artists put out that are glorified I began to give an emphasis on promoting empathetic gestures. Drake’s new video for “God’s Plan” is one of those acts of goodness that deserves some praise.

Two viral videos leaked while Drake was in Miami last week but it was seemed random until now. He was spotted at the University of Miami in a mob of excited students then, most recently donating $50,000 to a local supermarket. These were just a few of many more great acts of charity.

The God’s plan video actually turned out to be a montage of his tour around Miami as he gave back to the community in a major way. The already #1 hit single is now a global message to set the bar for his peers. Obviously, this wasn’t meant to one-up his industry colleagues but it certainly set an example. Society is tired of the talking, it’s about putting it into action.

Yes, he is from Toronto but many people in South Florida were hit by Hurricane Irma, so this may have been in response to that. The video proclaims that the budget for the video was $996,631.90 and that they “gave it all away”. Hopefully, this doesn’t get overlooked and starts a trend of meaningful content. Not just video after video of entertainers spending their money on Bentley’s and Supreme collabs.

Watch how the budget was spent below.

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