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Dr. Julia Gombar Talks Running A Business, Innovation in Injectable Procedures

Dr. Julia Gombar Talks Running A Business, Innovation in Injectable Procedures

Philadelphia, the city of Brotherly Love, isn’t just about cheesesteaks and the liberty bell. Living in Miami and knowing Fallon, I was able to be connected to Dr. Julia Gombar, who has been transcending the outlook of the cities capabilities.

Dr. Gombar, the founder of Revive, uses the most advanced treatment options and cosmetic non-surgical techniques to ensure the best possible results for her patients. With her wealth of experience and commitment to innovation, she is dedicated to her patient success and satisfaction.

She has equipped Revive with a well-qualified staff that wears many hats. Their daily grind is often overlooked due to dozens of patients flooding in every day. They open at 10 am but in most cases don’t leave until 10 p.m. and are still answering calls and texts at 1 am.

After having this conversation I have a new respect for the industry and Dr. Gombar’s dedication, execution, and innovative integrations. Take some time out to digest the interview below and hopefully become as inspired as I am.

How did you get started in the industry?

I’ve always been into art and creating and had a passion for aesthetics and wellness. While I was in medical school and residency training I kept seeing a common theme. Most of my patients were sick and unwell and the majority of it stemmed from a poor lifestyle, depression, and lack of self-confidence. My goal was to give those people back the power to have the confidence to regain control of their lives! I didn’t want to just give him a pill and mask their disease, I wanted to give them the education, confidence, and tools to make a change in their life. I started focusing on lifestyle medicine and Aesthetics. The Aesthetic portion of the practice took off and hasn’t stopped! I now have a great team so I’ll start spending more time with lifestyle medicine and adding to the practice!

I graduated from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and did my residency at Main Line Health. I am a board-certified doctor and have a medical license in PA and NJ. I have my International Fellowship in Advanced Aesthetic Science, and I am a member of many Aesthetic and medical associations like the American Medical Association. I also do a lot of continuing medical education and have been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals! I started Revive and envisioned a group of women coming together making a change, empowering the people around us, and giving every person a chance to shine and feel beautiful and confident in the skin they are in. I think oftentimes, the medical field can be full of negativity and sadness, but here at REVIVE we are happy, always dancing, connecting with our clients, and providing that positive experience! I used to start writing my medical notes with ‘patients presents with chief complaint of…’ and I promised myself I would change everyone’s mindset and start my notes with ‘the client would like to work on…’ and that has made all the difference!

What treatments do you offer?

We offer just about anything and everything here, if there is something that you want, our team can pretty much make it happen ( no I am not kidding, we are always up to something). Unlike most places, we offer free consultations! But back to what we exactly Offer, this is just a small blurb. We offer emsculpt, vanquish, hydrafacials, laser genesis, laser hair removal, IPL, facials, Sculptra butt injections, noninvasive body contouring, Botox, anti-wrinkle injections, fillers, liquid rhinoplasty, lip filler, IV hydration therapy, B12 shots, medical weight loss program, and much more. Oh and that’s not all, we carry our own skincare line, designed to help everyone with any skin type. To be honest, making the products took so much time, but I knew I had to put that in the market! Our skincare is selling out now, and we even ship!

How did you come up with the name Revive?

I came up with the name Revive because the word itself holds so much meaning. If you google the word the definition is to regain life, consciousness, energy or strength. This one word holds so much power in it. It stands for everything I want to give our clients!

At Revive, we REVIVE you! We make you feel brand new, refreshed, and just overall GREAT! I knew that I wanted my company to have a name with meaning, and showcase exactly what we do.

What problems have you seen in the industry that can be improved or you have already solved?

The industry has come a long way with the help of technology and social media. Getting treatments done can still be such a taboo subject, but in reality, if you don’t feel like you look your best, you really can’t feel your best. So why not do things to maintain and enhance your already stunning features? I never understood how other women always put each other down, that’s why I strive to always set a positive attitude. I’m never trying to change the way someone looks because everyone that comes through my door is already drop-dead gorgeous, I’m just trying to highlight their features and explain that we all have flaws but that is what makes us human, despite what we see on the screens of our phones AFTER the filters (trust me folks, EVERYONE HAS PORES). From my observation, there was a time that Aesthetics were concealed and not exposed amongst each other with the fear of judgment. I stand by enhancing and taking control of your beauty needs with the desire to feel confident. Social media helped expose that we all have flaws and we can all use some help from time to time. Everything is a click away and easy to educate yourself while researching where to find the right Medical Spa, such as Revive Medical. There is always room for improvement in Aesthetics and this industry is consistently keeping us on our toes and curious for more. Revive created shirts with our motto printed on the back, I think everyone is in love with them since they have been selling out like crazy! It’s pretty cool to walk down the street and see our shirt, which by the way anyone is welcome to buy and join the REVIVE movement. Our shirt motto (picture to the right) says “She was focused on personal growth, business growth, and booty growth” which I think almost every female can relate to. Instead of hating and bashing, we decided to be positive and spread the love. It’s nice to visit a city like Miami and see some of the women there repping them as well! Our goal is to get every city rocking the motto and spreading good vibes. That is what we are all about here!

EMPSULPT is an amazing new technology that addresses a HUGE issue? What is it? How did it come to fruition? 

Revive was actually one of the first places in Philadelphia to get the emsculpt machine. Emsculpt is a completely non-surgical method that kills fat and increases muscle definition. FDA-cleared and perfectly safe to use, this extremely effective device that contracts your muscles at a rate of 20,000 contractions in a thirty-minute session, with each contraction equivalent to one squat or sit-up. Using high-intensity electromagnetic energy to create supramaximal muscle contractions, your abdominal muscles and buttocks are firmer, stronger and more developed in a way that cannot be achieved with regular exercise. It is actually amazing seeing the results, and nothing beats the smile and look on people’s faces when they complete their treatment! Some small facts about emsculpt this is the only technology that builds muscle and burns fat at the same time. There is 19% reduction in subcutaneous abdominal fat, 16% increase in muscle mass, average waist reduction of 4.4 cm, and a 96% satisfaction with treatment results. Often times people ask about cool sculpting since the marketing behind it has been genius. I feel that many people don’t know about Emsculpt, however, the technology is so good the people behind cool sculpting are working on their own version of emsculpt now.

What advice would you give to someone aspiring to get to your position of expertise and owning a business in your industry?

Be driven, always stay positive, help those around you (especially the ones that you think don’t deserve the help, they are often that bitter because they need the help the most) and build a team that loves you and supports you. I think oftentimes people say study hard, hustle, and never give up, while all those are true, we oftentimes forget how we get to where we are. I would not be in the position I am today without so much love and support. My team, friends, and family inspire me, they’re always helping me, and always ground me. I would say never give up, go for your dreams, and never stop trying. And most importantly, be so so so grateful and appreciate of EVERYTHING, learn to see the good in even the worst experiences. Things don’t always work out right away, success isn’t a straight road and there are always obstacles. I often feel like I spend 80% of my time putting out fires and the other 20% asking my team, colleagues, and mentors what they would do in this situation. So many people come in and learn from me and I always thank them because I learn so much from them also, I’m a forever student.

What are future goals for yourself and also for Revive?

This is a loaded question. There’s so much more I want to do, for my life, my friends and family, my clients, and REVIVE. I finally feel like Revive has such a great team on board so now I have some more time to sit down and plot to do what I’ve always wanted to do; make world peace. Just kidding, kind of! That is my ultimate mission but I’m going to start with something smaller first. I want to expand Revive.

Some future goals are to add vaginal rejuvenation and more lifestyle and weight loss medicine so we can offer more to our clients. I want our Revive team and our #Revivebeauties to come together and do community outreach programs and donate our time, money, and resources to local animal shelters. Giving back is a huge part of my goals for Revive. 

In my personal time, I want to do another mission trip to Thailand and work with getting elephants off their chains and into a better situation where they can be freer. I worked with the Surin Elephant Village in helping accomplish that goal in the past and I’d like to go back and spend more time there.

I want to also slow down, remind myself that time isn’t going to wait for anyone and make it more of a priority to spend more of my time with my parents and sister!

I want to start meditating more and last but certainly not least, id like to write a book.

Check out their Instagram @revivemedphilly