DJ Carnage Orchestrates A City Wide Hangover In Miami at Ghost Town

One of the most exciting Holidays in America is Halloween. Wait…Halloween is a holiday, right? Ages 2-40 dress up in obnoxious costumes multiple times in late October to walk the streets and turn up. This year’s festivities kicked off this weekend in a wild ass party at E11even with DJ Carnage.
When Carnage arrived the mood of the room immediately. Some were hyped while others didn’t know what to expect. He then jumped on the mic and let everyone know that they should prepare for a hangover.

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@carnage at mf’n @11miami | #miami #music

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The party did actually go into the late morning. His high energy set kept the bottles and shots coming all night. Elleven has an action-packed Halloween week ahead anchored by eclectic DJ duo Dada Life on Thursday.

Check out some of the moments and costumes from this weekend shot by Dex Hobbes.

Covered by: Jazz Gordan

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