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Diplo, Desiigner, & Marshmello Kill It at “Life In Color”

Diplo, Desiigner, & Marshmello Kill It at “Life In Color”

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Life In Color lit up the city of Miami yesterday. I woke up Saturday morning to an email conveniently letting me know that the festival is no longer allowing camera’s in. Oh yea, not if our guys Burton and David at “Swarm” have something to say about that. We walked right in.

We started the journey filling our tanks at Maxine’s Bistro & Bar located in the Catalina Hotel at 1732 Collins ave. I mention them not because of my affiliation but because their food is low-key PHENOMENAL. After I chugged my pre-game pedialyte (You’re Welcome!) for my hangover remedy we jumped out of the Uber into chaos. Short shorts, chanting, and flying paint filled the streets of Wynwood with bottled up anticipation for the 10 year anniversary tour kick-off. Our Chasing The Bag creative team (@dexoliverhobbes ; @TheRealKenRod ; @rob_spane ; @nine.ex ; @JazzGordan) was front and center to catch it all.

We made it just in time to catch Solano keep the momentum of the day. He was joined by Mija, Illenium, and more on the Sector X Stage, which seemed to be the hub for the paint blasts. They were coming in every direction in intense intervals. After a while I was stuck thinking, “YO, WHERE DID YA’LL GET ALL OF THIS PAINT? You’ve been spraying for 6 straight hours.” Dex tapped me out of my daydream to remind me that Desiigner is about to perform on the Rare Stage.

As we pushed through the crowd and tripped over consumed bottles of Liqs Cocktail Shots we witnessed mosh pits, insane shufflers, and a few things that should remain unsaid. Desiigner started his performance with G.O.O.D Music anthems including the infamous, Father Stretch My Hands Pt 1. I quickly understood why Kanye West and Pusha T signed him. I originally thought he was a one-hit wonder but I was rudely mistaken. This dude is sitting on some HITS.

We scheduled perfectly to also catch Marshmello and Diplo. The juice was worth the squeeze.  Light combo’s, fire, fireworks, and paint filled the sky over the Mana in Wynwood as they mixed legendary hits with theirs to round out the night.

Life In Color, I applaud you. It was a great experience and I will probably be there next year. Check out the gallery below and come back soon to see the video recap. The footage is A+. Trust me.

Dylan Nine and Ken Rod features coming soon!!!!


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