Designer Hallamoda Releases Hallaween 1 of 1 Capsule with Social Blackbook

As Halloween approaches everyone has been engulfed in the costume or outfit madness. Every year we try to one-up the year prior. Your friends and peers keep posting dope looks on Instagram and here you are scrolling and browsing the internet at a bunch of wack options!

Well, look no further. Designer Hallamoda aka “Mr. Moda” cooked up a 1 of 1 Halloween capsule. The pieces were inspired by historical horror films like The Shining, IT, and more. Mr. Moda is a rising designer from Jamaica, New York. He has attracted other superstars like rapper OG Maco, J.I.D, Rich the Kid, Swizz Beatz and more.

These pieces can be for the haunted house party, festivals, or even an artist that needs a Halloween outfit to perform. You can purchase one of the items right here in the new Social Blackbook store.

Keep on the lookout for our upcoming interview with him and some sick ass capsules coming before the end of the year.

Good luck swaggin’ on your peers this holiday season.

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