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COMEDY THIS WEEK ON NETFLIX: Andrew Schulz Saves America

COMEDY THIS WEEK ON NETFLIX: Andrew Schulz Saves America

At 3 AM this morning (12/17/2020), one of the funniest comedians in the game released a four-part Netflix special: Schulz Save America.


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Andrew Schulz is the definition of self-made, considering his fan base was built as organic as can be with his own homegrown content. This helped him gain more than a million Instagram followers and almost 1.5 million YouTube subscribers.

Over the course of 2020, the upstanding stand up comic released a plethora of monologues; unleashing on all the same topics that his Netflix special will touch upon: Pandemics, Predators, Protests, & Presidents. These 5-minute rants went viral and helped boost the New York comic in a time where society’s hope was dwindling away due to all of the unforeseen happenings of this past year. Attacking all the things from a unique perspective, Andrew Schulz makes sure his content is as informative as it is hilarious.

Disrupting the norms and the industry comes as nothing new to Schulz. He never waited for the industry to notice him. In the past, he debuted multiple specials on YouTube that went completely against the grain of what we are used to seeing from stand up artists. Just last year, the Crowd Work Special was brought to life and released on the SAME DAY as Dave Chappelle’s Sticks and Stones…a bold move that was executed with no planned jokes, just straight improvisation. It was viewed over 1 million times in just one month.

In today’s newly and globally released special, Andrew Schulz pledges to touch base on this year’s ‘most divisive topics’. He vows to get payback from the “life leeching, dream-destroying, $#!+-sniffing truffle pig” we know as the year 2020. It’s surely going to be one hell of a ride, and there is little doubt that every second will not disappoint. Brace yourself for epic and endless laughter!


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A post shared by Andrew Schulz (@andrewschulz)

Schulz Saves America: Pandemics, Predators, Protests, & Presidents is a 4 part comedy special released globally on Dec. 17th on Netflix.


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