Clean Your Bong in Minutes With Hometown Brand Krystal Klean

Are you into wellness or cannabis activities? If so, I assume you may have a pipe or bong that is filthy. The only way to solve that is by replacing it or risk spending hours trying to clean it. Mostly, you don’t do either and it just sits on a table collecting dust. Well, that problem is now solved. Thanks to Krystal Klean’s new bong & extractor cleaner.

Today, we live in a world where cleanliness is a hot topic. So there’s no better time to clean your products than now. Krystal Klean is a rising brand based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The founders were fed up with ineffective products with their horribles scents, so they decided to create their own. After months of trial and error Founders, Toni Quinton and Kevin Bales emerged with an amazing and effective product.

I was gratefully able to try it out for myself and I was astonished. For $15 you can now clean every glass product in your house.

Here’s a cool ass secret. After you clean your bong thoroughly, don’t throw it away immediately. That same cloudy batch can continue to clean your other glass products at a high level.

Before you go purchase a new bong, try one of these infamous bong cleaners by Krystal Klean. Since I just saved you hundreds of dollars, I deserve 20%. I’ll send you a cash app. Just kidding!! 😉


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