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Chad Macc Teams Up with Thermb2fly

Here at Social Blackbook we seek to explore the creatives that are approaching things differently. Today, we introduce an upcoming collaboration with two emerging stars, Chad Macc and Thermb2fly.

“We met in Nashville at a private party and we pretty much started chatting and vibing from that point on. We had similar mindsets and goals so we meshed well. We got some Netflix collaborations we are working on along with a handful of magazine features such as Social Black Book and Vfiles.” – Chad Macc

Background on Thermb2fly

Thermb2fly is an African American Hip Hop Artist from Inglewood, California. Although he is proud of his Inglewood, California roots, Thermb2fly’s sound is not limited to a specific coast or region. Traveling the world at a young age enables Thermb2fly to incorporate influences from all over the globe in his music. Evidence of that is the fact that in less than 2 years, Thermb2fly has worked with many artists from all over the nation such as Cory Gunz, Yung LA, Lexii Alijai, Gemstones, Rich the Kid, and more. In addition to being an artist, songwriter, and publisher, Thermb2fly is also a humanitarian.

Macc has been a creative that expresses his way the way we all want to. He says what we can’t say. Here is another passage from inside of his creative mind. I’ll leave it up to your interpretation.

Nope, no hi. You had a good chance to be talking to me but you deem me unimportant in your life, which is fine, honestly. I’m not mad. It just shows I’m not a priority. I get that but sometimes I’d like to have a conversation with you. But the universe has something planned for me. I hoped to bring you along with me but we’ll see how the universe reconnect us again. – Chad Macc

The photos were taken by Rxch Porter.

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