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Casa di Amani | Upcoming Miami Male Modeling Agency

Casa di Amani | Upcoming Miami Male Modeling Agency

Miami is one of those markets that is growing in every aspect. One of those aspects is editorial photography and overall media. At the core of this emergence, model agencies are coming up. One of the most prominent may be Casa Di Amani. Ran by the established photographer, Jahmar Amani. Luckily, I was able to get a moment out of his busy schedule. Read the interview below and receive inspiration from his story as he takes storytelling to new heights.

Where are you from and if not from Miami what brought you here. If you are from here what makes you want to stay in this market? 

I was born in Miami but was raised between Jamaica, The Bronx and finally Greenwich Ct. I moved back to Miami to attend college in 2002. I’ve always wanted to live here and will probably stay here. My heart is in Miami.

What made you want to become a photographer? Your inspiration.

Growing up I always looked at a fashion magazine and thought that it was the fashion and clothing design is what I wanted to do, but after going to college for fashion design I quickly realized that it was not for me. I still looked at fashion spreads and asked my self what is it that’s giving me this feeling of excitement every time I saw a high fashion campaign. It was the fact that they told a story. It was the photography that I loved. This is what inspired me to start. I looked at images and wanted to recreate it. I wanted to be a storyteller. I wanted to evoke emotion with my photos the way the photos did that for me.

What is the main thing you want people to take away from your agency?

I want people to know we are a family, we are the best men’s scouting agency and we will be a name to remember.

Which project that you worked on sticks out the most and what happened during it?

First I’d have to say the launch of Casa di Amani LLC lol. What happened is, I busted my ass to get it up and running because of the soul train awards in Vegas 2018. This allowed me to meet very influential people and got to see the in’s and outs of full production.

What is your favorite camera set up to use?

Favorite Camera: Canon 5d Mark IV | Favorite lens: 50mm | Favorite lighting equipment: Profoto B1 favorite light modifier 47” octabox

What is next for you?

Make Casa di Amani Management the top

Music videos in the future.

Explain the shoot you featured or the collection you feature.

The best way to explain my work I’d say is clean, colorful, eclectic and as my mothers say every time I send her a shoot I did, “you capture the essence of each subject”.

See Photos of Casa di Amani below


A Little More On The Company

Instagram Handle

Casa di Amani – photography @casadiamani

Casa di Amani Management- scouting agency (male models) @casadiamanimgmt

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