Cardi B Ghost Writer Pardison Fontaine New Song Taken Down By Nicky Minaj?

Cardi B made her first big mark on the music scene when her single “Bodak Yellow” became the number one song in America. After tons of speculation about her bars the truth came out. She publicly paid homage to New York artist Pardison Fontaine whom co-wrote the Billboard hit. Since overcoming the backlash by other colleagues of hers, nothing larger has materialized other than her feud with Nicki Minaj.

Earlier today, Pardi’ released a record called “Rap Charlamagne (Say What I want)” over Nicki Minaj’s “Hard White” beat. Unlike in the past, his remix’s and mixtapes would go untouched until today. In less than 12 hours the video was then taken down (Picture to the right). He recently went to his instagram in comedic style to showcase his reaction to the industry politics.

By the way, the song and video was fire. Hopefully they can figure this out and get it back up. If not, this historic moment may stir up some upcoming new coverage. At the very least, all artists on the come up should take note of this and plan their moves accordingly.

Stay tuned.

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