BTS Of Drip Ninja and ZADDY Collaborating on the "AriZona Dog Box" Campaign - Social Blackbook

BTS Of Drip Ninja and ZADDY Collaborating on the “AriZona Dog Box” Campaign

One of the great attributes of collaboration is the various new ideas that emerge from combined perspectives. This new perspective is a byline for creativity.

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.” –

Wednesday, the ZADDY Agency and Drip Ninja Club combined those creatives perspectives to turn a product shoot into an eclectic collaborative experience.

AriZona Iced Tea is the beneficiary of this experience. The upcoming campaign called “AriZona Dog Box” will engage some of the top Pet Instagram accounts across the US.

“Each box includes matching apparel for the dog influencer and their human, along with a backdrop and tripod to capture the perfect family portrait for National Dog Day on August 26th, 2020. ZADDY wanted to embrace Arizona’s iconic cherry blossom design and colors for this special initiative.” – Bridgette Barnard

Stay tuned to the @DrinkArizona account to follow the campaign.

ZADDY is a non-traditional marketing & creative development agency. Based out of Miami, FL, Drip Ninja operates as both a marketing agency and a members club. ZADDY reached out to them to capture the products in a new way. DN takes pride in collaboration and involving its talented members in projects like these. A few members from the club headed down to one of their go-to studios, HGAB Studios in Wynwood, Miami. There they produced a multi-phased shoot with product shots, editorial photography, and creative behind the scenes content.

Check out some of the moments from the shoot below:


Agency: ZADDY, Drip Ninja

Produced by: Jazz Gordan, Bridgette Barnard 

Shot by: Dex Hobbes

Filmed by: Legendary Tay

Associate Producer: Sasha

Publicist: Julia Hayko

Production Facility: HGAB Studios


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