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You don’t really get to understand how crazy Art Basel in Miami is until you experience it yourself. The increase in traffic, a collage of celebrities, and the flow of cash is unreal. These artists attract the biggest entertainers and the most wealthy people in the world. And they’re all ready to party.

A-Trak, Asap Rocky, MadeInTYO

My team and I spent most of our time at Wall Lounge and the 1 Hotel. Documenting their event lineup was an honor. At Wall, I was able to rub shoulders with the likes of Leonardo Dicaprio, Frank Ocean, Kris Humphries, Mr. Brainwash and more during some epic ass nights. Throughout the week the 1 Hotel South Beach catered to attendees like Will Smith, Asap Rocky, Gerard Butler, Owen Wilson, Mark Ronson, GianCarlos Stanton and much more. They slid them into different secret locations around the premises. They all came to see amazing art but also have a high-end night of celebration.

Outside of their lineups we did, however, get to check out the launch of “BM Contemporary“, Samsungs event hosted by Jhene Aiko and “Herbert Galarza x Naiyara Experience”. Not only is did it have one of the best artists in Miami but Chef Bee has solidified his name in the Miami hospitality scene. Beautiful art, amazing food, and dope vibes.

BM Contemporary is a new gallery on 4401 NW 2nd Ave., Miami. It is a blend of state of the art architecture, design and visionaries. Their week of exhibits included live installations from top artists around the country and eclectic group of influencers and tastemakers. There are many great things to come from this place.

Jhene Aiko

I closed out the weekend at the opening of Maham Yoga. The mix hip and hop with hot yoga is in position to set the pace for yoga penetration into new markets. They are also currently offering an exclusive package that you don’t want to miss. The event was a chill evening of socialite’s, models, and entertainers admiring sick art and the new studio.

Other than a minor hiccup of a rainy Saturday it was an exciting and successful week. Shoutout to all the curators, artist and entrepreneurs that capitalized on Art week. Your hard work did not go unnoticed. We are all chasing the bag, so respect the grind.

Good luck in the future.

Check out some of the photos from this week.

Shot by Dex Hobbes and Jazz Gordan

Chef Bee, Herbert Galarza

Mark Ronson

Roy Woods

Donovan W. Carter

GianCarlos Stanton

Mark Gojanovic x Kris Humphries

Paris Hilton

Gerard Butler, Will Smith, Jaden Smith

Frank Ocean, Mr. Brainwash

Leonardo Dicaprio

Mr. Brainwash

Moises Arias Art

Moises Arias Art

Team Arsenic, Jack Brewer, and more

Michael Malone, Skylar Hauswirth, Flo Rida